Dr. Essam Hashish

Dr. Essam Hashish:

Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
Age: 57 years
He has 7 children, 7 grandchildren
He was born in a village in Gharbiya (north of Cairo)
His father was an imam of a mosque.
He was had the 12th highest standing nationwide in the High School Diploma.
He joined the faculty of engineering and received many certificates of superiority during various stages.
Memorized all chapters of the Quran while he was in prison in 1981, in the first detention after Sadat was assassinated.
He was detained for 13 months in 1981.
He was rearrested in 1995 on Al-Wasat (Centre) Party case for about 4 month and was acquitted.

His wife is Dr. Samira Mohamed Ahmed ·
His children:
-Khadiga: a assistant professor at Al-Qasr Al-Aini faculty of medicine (she has three children).
-Fatma: Graduate from the Faculty of Commerce - married
-Abdullah- Graduate from the Faculty of Engineering and is married to the daughter of Dr. Hisham Al Souli, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Ismailia who was arrested for three years in the military tribunal of the syndicate leaders .
-Aisha- Graduate from the Faculty of Applied Arts-married
-Mohamed- computer institute graduate
-Zeinab- Graduate from the Faculty of Commerce (English Dept
Hagar- First year student in the Faculty of Commerce (English Dept

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basma said...

انا عارفه اني اقل من اني ادي اي نعليق علي مدونه فيها اسمك
بس كل اللي انا عايزه اقوله اني بحترمك جداااااااااااااااااااااا