Sadek Abdul Rahman Al Sharqawi

Sadek Abdul Rahman Al Sharqawi
was born in the village of Gharin, Monofiya, north of Cairo, on Fed., 29, 1950.

He moved with his family to Cairo in mid 19502s and settled in Kitkat of Greater Cairo.

Al-Sharqawi graduated in the Faculty of Commerce, the Cairo University,

in 1973 and worked as an accountant for a while before moving to Britain.

After contacting a British university, it gave him a scholarship; then, he moved to Britain in 1974 after receiving an exemption from military service because he was his family breadwinner.

He received postgraduate studies in the field of computer in London in 1976; then he traveled to work in Saudi Arabia till 1994.

He got married in 1978 and has three sons:

Abd Al-Rahman, Abd Al-Hamid and Abdullah and three daughters.
He was detained in 2000 for two months ahead of the parliamentary elections.

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