Mamdouh Al Hussini

Mamdouh Al Husseini

Eng. Mamdouh Ahmed Abdul Moeti Al HusseiniHe was born in Al Hamzawi st., Al-Darb Al-Ahmar, CairoHe got a BA in the Faculty of Engineering (mechanics), Cairo University in 1973

He got a BA from the Faculty of Islamic Call, Al-Azhar University, (Grade: very good) in 1997.

He got married in 1975 after completing the military service as a reserve officer in the Egyptian army.

He has three sons:

Mohamed, Ahmed and Abd Al-Rahman

He moved to work in Saudi Arabia in 1978 and stayed there six years before returning to Cairo

in 1984 to set up his contracts company in Nasr City.

He is living now in Al-Tagamue Al-Khamis, New Cairo .

He was detained, 1 1/2 years ago for more than two months on charge of belonging to an outlawed group and other fabricated and groundless accusations. He was detained again on Dec., 14, 2006, along with 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaders in east Cairo and he is still detained.

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