Mohammed Ali Bishr

Mohammed Ali Bishr

-He works as a professor at the Department of Power- Faculty of Engineering- Menoufiya University-Egypt
-He is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood"s Guidance Bureau

Background Of His Life Career
Date and place of Birth: 14-2-1951 in Kafr Mansha-Qiwisna- Menoufiya governorate
In 1974 Dr Bishr graduated with an "Excellent" grade from the Department of Power Engineering- Faculty of Engineering (formerly the Higher Industrial Institute)- Menoufiya University, and became an administrator in the same year

From 1974 to 1976 he was drafted into the Army as a reserve officer in the Air Defense Corps
In 1979 he obtained his MS in Power Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering in Shebeen Al Koum-Menufiya University, and was appointed assistant professor in the same faculty
In 1984 he was awarded his PhD from the State of Colorado University-USA

In 1984 he was appointed professor in the Faculty of Engineering
1992 He was reinstated in the same position- assistant professor in the same faculty
In 1998 he was appointed visiting professor in the State of North Carolina University-USA
In 1979 he joined Muslim Brotherhood and he headed the Group"s Students" Affairs Committee, then the Professionals" Committee and the Administrative Development Committee

Detention and Jail
He was arrested on 14-10-1999- in a case known as (the Trade Unionists case) and was court-martialed along with 20 Trade Unionists. He was charged of belonging to The Muslim Brotherhood and of preparing for the Trade Unions" elections. He was sentenced for three years and was released on 8-10-2002

Syndicate and Public Action
In 1987 he won the election as Member of Parliament- Menoufiyya first Constituency. The Court declared him a winner but the ruling was not executed
In 1995 he stood a candidate in the parliamentary election and his victory was sure, but since the election was rigged, he lost the second round of election to an NDP member
In 1985 he won the elections of Engineers Syndicate as member of Power Branch
From 1991 to 1995 he was elected Assistant Treasurer in the General Syndicate of Engineers till it was sequestrated by the authorities in 1995
-1989-1997 He was elected Secretary General of Engineering Associations Union of the Islamic Countries

Traveling Abroad
He traveled to many countries on syndicate and scientific tasks foremost among which were
USA-UK-France-Germany-Russia-Kazakhstan-Ozbekstan-Turkey-Pakistan- Malaysia- Bangladesh- Thailand- Tunisia- Algeria- Libya- Sudan- Jordan- Syria- Bahrain- Emirates- Saudi Arabia

Participation in International Conferences
He participated in many syndicate and scientific conferences foremost among which were

In 1989 The Conference on Technological Integration Among Muslim
Countries- Cairo

In 1991 Technological Development in the Islamic world -Malaysia

In 1993 Best Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Muslim World

In 1994 Good Quality of Engineering Education and The Future- Cairo

In 1995 Systems Of Communication and Information in the Muslim
Countries- Oman-Jordan

Unemplyment Among The Engineers-The Problem And The Solution

In 2003 The Technological Gap Between The Developing And The
Developed Countries -Tunisa

The Problem Of Low-Income Citizens In the Muslim World


He is married with two sons and a daughter
-Hani: graduated from Faculty of Law- Cairo University- He is making further studies for MA in Scotland_UK
-Ahmed-Ms in Engineering-Construction Department
Sara: A Secondary-stage student

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